Special thanks to my Camino buddies (in ENGLISH!)

My heart is breaking in peaces, thinking we won’t meet in this combination and this environment ever again. Only now, laying down on my supercomfy couch back home, I realise – time on Camino was the most precious of my life. I believe in coincidences and destiny – we met for a reason. To figure out essential things, get over deeply personal problems, give motivation, helping hand or even uncomfortable questions, learn to listen, open up and be vunerable, share life stories, build friendship, have fun… We were each others teachers and students at the same time. Similar souls gravitate towards each other, they say. I was honoured and blessed to be a part of this very special Camino family. Thank you so much for being there for me – in the right place at the right time! Cheers to everyone’s new beginnings!

Anna – you are the sun, be aware of that. You lighted up my mornings with your amazing stories about Japan, Nepal, China, South Corea, Russia, your teenager years, family, job, Mumij Troll, adventures in high altitudes and men… You always showed up when I needed company and shared some good news (“There is a guitar concert in the church tonight!”). You were ready to contribute your hiking boots in Pamplona when my feet had problems. Thank you for reminding me Russian, how fashionable pilgrim I was (hah!), and, of course, for being my dear Camino sister!

Cho Se Han – we shared our life stories and music. I always appreciated your positivity, selflessness, politeness and kindness. You somehow succeed in being friends with everybody, and I envy you for that. You spoiled me with smiles, Haribo jellies, chocolates and yoghurts. Thank you for walking with me for a while!

Donat – I loved the nickname you gave me – Miss Latvia. I found appealing your alternative sense of humour and taste of music. Felt like you were my big brother to save my ass sometimes (remember the pills, when I was sick) and to share your comforting company for a drink or dinner.

Giovanni – we never walked together, but slept in the same albergues, shared the same friends… I enjoyed your kind heart, sunny smile and the way you treated Anna, I also heard a lot of good things about you from Se Han. Felt good to pass by and greet you on the road.

Hilke – my lovely lovely sister, I told you already I have no words meaningful enough to thank you for being there besides me the whole month from the very first day to the last one. In happy and miserable times. Those words are still stuck in my throat… It felt like home everywhere we went because of your presence. Together we made a dream team. I sometimes encouraged you to make everyday’s distances to the end; you were my personal hand brake – reminding not to hurry and worry but take my time and enjoy the beautiful moments on the road. Thank you for taking care of me when I was sick and could not walk any further. Thank you for sharing your Voltaren gel, meals, Cokes, eco stick, sugar candies, biggest fears and deepest doubts. Enjoyed your humour, funny stories, whistling, singing “Imagine all the people”… Even the silence between us vibrated nicely. No matter how much your feet hurt, you would always be ready to exchange your bottom bunkbed for my top one. You were the truest pilgrim I was lucky to know.

Jean-François (Jeff) – thank you for being part of my Camino for first four days. Together with Hilke we were the best trio. Thanks for the lemonade and ice-cream in hot days, cereal bars when I had ran out of food, blisters kit, interesting stories, helping me to find the right walking shoes and your intelligent company after all!

Juris – you somehow felt it in the air (from the distance) and gave me the motivation to end the Camino when I had my “last 100 km” crisis. I am proud of Latvians like you – strong, handsome, helping, friendly, outgoing. You took me by surprise catching up with me in Estella and never stopped surprising, pushing your personal physical limits endlessly.

Kris – I admire you for staying true to yourself. You, fierce, strong, indipendent and beautiful woman, made me think of what I really want and need in my life. Thank you for inviting us to the best restaurant in Santiago to have our “last communion” – that evening was lovely.

Noel – you made the last days of my Camino unforgettable. Many thanks for our walks together, midnight talks, laughter and silence. You warmed up my heart, gave me back my self-confidence, let me feel special and provided with safety. That moment in Plaza, sitting next to you, is tatooed in my memory, just like watching the picturesque sunsets over Santiago from stairs of our albergue.

Patti – my Camino mom and angel in one person… It was always calming to see your silhouette somewhere ahead. Thank you for caring, sharing advice about my relationship, thinking of me. Your easy-going and sparkling personality felt so alike and natural to stick with.

Ruznai – my first and only Maltese friend! You were special and you know that. From the moment me and Hilke started to follow you down the road I knew it was something there. Thank you for opening up so quickly, for giving the right questions and cheering me up tirelessly. Vine, cheese, secret notebook, your big smile and lovely hug – that’s how I will remember you.

Yuntae Chris Kim – I really enjoyed your true interest in my stories when we walked together. You are a perfect listener. Thank you for moral support in “Backstreet Boys” issue and your pleasant company!

You know, all of you are the best representatives of your countries. And everyone mentioned above is welcome to my country – Latvia – anytime! My heart and doors will be wide open, promise. Let me share a little teaser:



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